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"There was a time where I didn't know if I would ever have children, but now I look at my THREE beautiful healthy girls and know that it would not have been possible without Julie's help. She not only helped me get pregnant with each one, but she helped me with all the "joys" of pregnancy (hormonal changes, morning sickness, etc)."


I was afraid to even consider acupuncture. Not bc of needles, god knows I’ve had enough of them. After you’ve gone through so many surgeries, PT, opiates with only menial results. Acupuncture didn’t seem like the results would be any better. How wrong I was! A friend convinced me to just give Julie a try. Being in pain most of the time told me “what do you have to lose” Julie Ryan made me feel very comfortable in her office, first finding out my medical history. Then the treatment. I’m a regular now. Julie has seen me at my worst, barely walking into her waiting room in so much pain. I saw her 5wks straight in July due to muscle spasms & nerve pain in my thoracic scoliosis spine. Bc of her treatments I was able to go on a planned trip with my husband in August with hardly any pain problems. I love her!👍👍👍👍👍😍 


A treatment with Julie is better than a day at the spa! She makes you feel like she has all the time in the world to spend with you. She listens to how you are doing--your concerns, your ailments, your frustrations with your family--no topic is off limits.


"Julie has helped me with managing Rosacea and my family member with anxiety. She takes a whole body approach to health. She gets to the root cause of multiple symptoms. You will be amazed what she can do with acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Thanks Julie!"


“Julie is truly a healer, she has only been working with me for 4 months and I can see a lasting difference/improvement in my headaches, back pain and stress. I completely trust her because she is open about how she works, what I need to do in order for my treatments to be successful and she is extremely encouraging. She is goal oriented and customizes each treatment to my needs that day while keeping our goals in mind. I highly recommend seeing her”.

Jennifer B.

"After being told my multiple doctors that I most likely would not get pregnant or would have a very difficult time, I started seeing Julie to balance my hormones and improve my fertility. I absolutely believe that she is the reason that I have my two beautiful babies."


After trying many acupuncturists in the area I was so happy to find Julie Ryan and have been a patient of hers for 1 1/2 years. In the beginning I came in every week until I started feeling better and now I see Julie bimonthly. She has offered insightful, thorough, and individualized treatment that has been instrumental in solving some complex conditions of mine. Julie's commitment to a high standard of care is evident in every treatment and her desire for continual growth of knowledge and study of current healing modalities is impressive. Because of her quest to offer the best standard of care her outstanding skill in Chinese Medicine is evident. She has used a variety of techniques during my treatments that include needling, cupping, herbal formulas, lab testing, and more. I highly recommend Julie and her kind and efficient staff to anyone in need of a great practitioner to help with health support of all kinds.


My experience with Julie and TCR Acupuncture has been life changing. I struggled with infertility for over 6 years. I came to Julie as I was going through yet another round of IVF. As a woman already over 40, it had been very difficult to get pregnant. My little miracle just turned 9. I absolutely believe it was the acupuncture and personal care that I received from Julie that enabled me to have my son. Julie is very knowledgeable, encouraging and kind. Her positive energy is contagious. She makes you feel like you are the only person she is treating. I am forever grateful to these amazing people for helping to make my dream of having a family come true.

Karen K.

Julie is AMAZING! I leave my treatments feeling refreshed, renewed and ready to take on the world! Thank you for turning the power back on!


Julie has helped me heal my body, mind, and spirit. She is a skilled acupuncturist, herbalist and listener. Her knowledge of integrative medicine is a bonus that many acupuncturists lack. It always seems like Julie has as all the time in the world to listen to you. And this is something I haven’t experienced with any healthcare practitioner. The office is peaceful and relaxing, rounding out the experience. Thank You Julie!”